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Placements & Work Experience

The information gained and skills learned whilst on a work placement can possibly be as important as anything you will have learned in education and it can be invaluable when deciding what you want to do.

Why do it?

This is your chance to either experience what your chosen job is like in real life or try a range of different jobs to help you decide what you want to do in the future. We understand that it can be scary to go into a new environment and especially into the world of work.

Work placements are useful at any point during your education and the more you undertake the more skills you will acquire and the more impressive your CV will look to a prospective employer.

Adding impressive things to your CV is not the only reason to undertake a work placement. They are great opportunities to speak directly to people who are already doing the job within their working environment. Their insider information on the job will give you a greater understanding of what it entails.

Work placements can also be used as a kind of taster session for your chosen career where you can weigh up the pros and cons and consider whether that job is for you!

What can I expect?

Every work experience placement is different, but they’re all designed to give you the opportunity to make the most of your time with them whilst also fitting around your sessions with us.

Placements could last anything from a couple of hours per day to a number of weeks depending on what it is you hope to achieve. We will assist you to find a suitable placement at a location which is realistic for you to get to but you must be prepared to travel as placements and work experience cannot always be found on your doorstep.

The process is simple, a suitable employer is found, we check whether or not it is safe for you to attend, an initial meeting will be arranged for you to meet with the employer either on your own or with your Liaison Officer, we make sure you know how to get there and what days and times you will be attending and that is it... As simple as that!

Remember that work experience is unpaid and that it is a learning experience and not a job! However, it is your opportunity to demonstrate to a potential employer what skills and commitment you can bring to their business. 

Where can I do my work experience?

We can offer a variety of placements across various sectors, not only in the UK but other countries in Europe too. In certain circumstances we may help you to obtain a passport to gain access to opportunities abroad. The only limits for where you can do your work experience are:

  • If the employer agrees for you to go
  • Whether the premises and working practices are safe
  • You are able to realistically get there
  • Support and supervisory arrangements are in place