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Child Care


 If you want to work in the Childcare industry, then this course will help you to get the skills and confidence that employers are looking for. 


All units within your qualification will be personalised to you – in order to meet your needs – whilst also giving you the opportunity to develop your key skills and overall knowledge in regards to this work area.


Whilst undertaking each unit within this qualification, you will gain positive levels of awareness in regards to the importance of respecting, supporting and safeguarding children, in order to give them the best start in life.


The qualification is designed to give you a practical insight into what will be expected of you as a professional working within the Childcare Industry. Therefore, you will be given opportunities to undertake practical and creative tasks with your peers via role playing scenarios. This will give you key experiences and greater confidence levels in engaging children in play, fun and learning activities within your future career.


Functional Skills Maths, English and ICT elements are embedded into the units as are employability skills and confidence building exercises to allow you to develop yourself as an individual and improve your job prospects.


This qualification is available at different levels and sizes so that you can tailor the course to suit you.


You will cover a variety of topics that may include –


  • Planning for the physical care and emotional care of children

  • Respecting children

  • Communication skills with children

  • Valuing children as individuals

  • Keeping children safe

  • Learning experiences for your children

  • Encouraging children to eat healthily

  • Books, stories, poems, rhymes & musical experiences for children


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  • BTEC Award in Caring for Children entry level 3
  • BTEC Award, Certificate & Diploma in Caring for Children level 1


With our friendly tutors you will get all the support you need to develop your skills and abilities within this subject area, to enable you to go into possible employment, further educational, or even source an apprenticeship within this industry.  

We can help you, you only need to have enthusiasm and the ability to commit to the course just contact our Employer Engagement Team here.