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 Foundation Learning is available to young people aged 14-19 who are working at Entry Level or Level 1. It allows learners to follow personalised programmes that are tailored to their particular needs, interests and aspirations.  

This personalised approach helps learners reach their full potential and have clear destinations onto Level 2, Apprenticeships or Employment with Training. In some cases, a young person's programme may be more about working towards supported employment and/or independent living.

Qualifications that support Foundation Learning offer greater flexibility and opportunities for learners to accredit their learning in 'bite-sized' units. Foundation Learning is designed to motivate and enable more young people, including many who are vulnerable or at risk of dropping out, to achieve greater economic and social well-being.

Foundation Learning allows learners to combine the following 3 areas which are really important to employers:

  • Vocational or subject learning (a wide range of options)
  • Personal, social and employability skills (core element)
  • Functional Skills in Maths, English and ICT (core element)

Programmes lead to a mix of small, flexible qualifications mainly drawn from the Qualifications and Credit Framework plus Functional Skills that enable learners to progress to their intended destination.

Learning programmes are designed following an initial assessment: this may consist of paper and computer based assessments along with some group activities.

There is on-going advice, guidance and support available to all Foundation Learning learners.

Financial support is also available for learners facing financial difficulty:

(follow the Bursaries Link for information on this site).











 Evidence suggests that Foundation Learning can have a range of positive benefits for learners including:

  • Increased confidence, motivation and engagement
  • Better attendance and behaviour
  • Being able to personalise learning on an individual basis
  • It can help learners progress into further education, Apprenticeships and/or employment
  • Develop vocational skills and improve personal and functional skills
  • Give learners a taster of working environments


Our programmes have three elements to them and learners begin at the most appropriate level following initial assessment. Learners with mixed levels of attainment may be able to take elements from across the three programmes where it is relevant and appropriate to do so. Learners can progress upwards between the programmes if/when they achieve the qualifications and learning aims.





 Learners who are Entry Level begin on our New Directions programme.





Learners who are at Level 1 begin on our Nu Horizons programme






Learners who are at Level 2 begin on our Connect 2 programme




Within each programme, learners can access qualifications in three areas;


Personal and Social Development which incorporates a range of qualifications aimed at supporting the individual with this aspect of their development.


Functional Skills which allows for nationally recognised qualifications to be achieved in English, Maths and ICT.


Vocational Training that sees learners placed in desired and achievable areas of vocation. This is a wide range of areas covering ICT, Retail, Customer Service, Business Administration, Construction, Hairdressing, Beauty, Sports and Fitness, Uniformed Services, Childcare, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality and various other bespoke courses.


We also have a new qualification called Vocational Studies that allows learners to sample/try different vocations/trades and achieve accreditation and then they can specialise in their preferred area; as shown above (vocational training).


Learners have dedicated tutors/staff working with them in the above areas and also have a full and thorough induction and assessment period to ensure they are on the right course/path. Each learner also has an individual liaison officer who will collaborate with them to ensure they are on the right programme and are supported and mentored throughout to ensure they can succeed. Learners who have any barriers to learning/training are always dealt with the utmost respect, sensitivity and professionalism by our trained staff.


We also have our own safeguarding policy and designated officers to ensure learners' safety and welfare is always of the utmost importance and is vital to ensure learners have an enjoyable, safe and rewarding training/learning experience.


We deliver many qualifications in house and also use approved work placements with the emphasis on safe and quality training. However, we also use sub contracted provision to enable our learners to get what they want and need.