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Apprenticeships 16 - 18
Apprenticeships 19 - 24
Apprenticeships 25+

An apprenticeship is made up of 3 elements:

Technical Certificate
These are classroom based awards, generally taken on a day release basis. They will help you get to grips with the skills and knowledge you need to get ahead in your profession.

National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)
Achieving an NVQ demonstrates your competence and proves that you can put into practice the skills and knowledge you learnt in the technical certificate.


Key Skills or Functional Skills
Communication or English
Application of Number or Mathematics

You will be accredited through


  • NVQ Warehousing Level 2 

    NVQ'S allow candidates to apply knowledge, understanding and skills to a national occupational level required by employers, with the candidates proving competency in their job role. 

    Apprenticeships are all about learning on the job - combining valuable experience gained from actually doing the job with focused and relevant study.

    NVQ assessments are carried out where the candidate is employed.

    Candidates will -

    -  be visited by an assessor in the workplace
    -  receive off the job training at our Ship Hill centre
    -  be assessed by different methods (observations, questions, witness testimonies)
    -  be supported whilst building a portfolio of evidence  
  • Level 2
    Warehousing NVQ Level 2 consists of 8 units
    2 mandatory units
    6 optional units, which you select yourself from a choice of 15 units

Your assessment team are


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Andrea Broddle