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About Us

About Us

Morthyng Group Ltd is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Our board of Directors/Trustees ensures the ethos of the business is maintained and that the company as a whole maintains the vision and mission of the organisation. Morthyng has been in operation since 1988.

We are proud of our strap line

“People Count Not Profits”

The companies who are part of the Morthyng Group are –

Morthyng Vocational  College- mvc-logo
Morthyng Training Limited –
Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough

We have a staff team of 50 who operate over three regions: Yorkshire & the Humber, the North West and Northamptonshire.

We have 5 operational centres: 3 centres in Rotherham, 1 centre in Doncaster, 1 centre in Birkenhead and 1 centre in Corby. click here for centres (please use drop-down menu)

Our Board of Directors –

Chair of the board
– Alan Corbridge
Vice chair – John Irving
Directors – Jeremy Neal
– Carole Haywood
– Mark Broxholme
– Peter Clements
– Janet Wheatley
Honorary President – Canon Peter Wright
alan corbridge Peter Clements carole haywood Peter Wright
Alan Corbridge Peter Clements Carole Haywood Canon Peter
john irving janet wheatley Jeremy Neal Mark Broxholm
John Irving Janet Wheatley Jeremy Neal Mark Broxholme

Our senior leadership team is led by-

Chris MacCormac – Chief Executive

Executive Leadership Team-

Moira MacCormac   – Group Director of Operations
Chris Ellis   – Group Director of Finance

Middle Management Team-

Brian Eskriett  – Curriculum Manager
Simon Hill  – Employer Engagement Manager
Liz Taylor  – Functional Skills Manager
Craig Ramsden  – Team Leader
Becky Astley  – Team Leader


Quality Accreditation


click here for OFSTED website

Click here for Morthyng OFSTED reports

The headlines of the Morthyng Success includes its high standing in the league tables. Our Ofsted Inspection Grades in October 2014 supported our commitment to quality:

Here is the overview of our last OFSTED inspection:

Good with outstanding features

Overall                                                           “Grade 2 GOOD”

Overall effectiveness                                   “Grade 2 GOOD”

Outcomes for learners                                      “Grade 2 GOOD”

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment  “Grade 2 GOOD”

Effectiveness of leadership and management   “Grade 2 GOOD”


Ofsted Judgement for Safeguarding

Safeguarding arrangements for learners are outstanding