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What is a Bursary?


A bursary is given to anybody aged 16-19 and enrolled on either the Study Programme or Traineeship at Morthyng to help with:

  • Transport on days you attend centre
  • To help you achieve your goals

How much will I get?


  •  Everybody here at Morthyng will receive up to £30 per week
  •  If you are eligible for the mandatory bursary you may receive up to £30 per week

When and how will it be paid?

  • You will receive your payment on a weekly basis *

  • Your bursary payment will go directly into your bank account but don’t worry, if you don’t currently have a bank account we will help you to set one up!


* Bursary payments may be reduced or even stopped if you do not attend your planned course and activities

Am I eligible?


  • You must be under 19 at the start of the course

  • Learners on our programmes can earn up £30 per week.

How do I Apply?

  •  It’s easy…. Once you have attended an interview with us we will give you the Bursary application pack which will also contain a guide on how to fill it in and what evidence is required from you, your parents or legal guardinan.

  • We will give you any support needed to enable you to start getting paid as soon as possible including setting up a bank account and guiding you through the whole process 

For more detailed information please visit: