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    16-19 Tuition Fund

    It is accepted that the Coronavirus pandemic caused wide ranging disruption to learning in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic years.

    Through additional funding from the ESFA, Morthyng will be putting into place increased teaching in order to mitigate this disruption and give learners a better chance to catch up through more intensive training programmes with smaller group sizes.

    Morthyng will endeavour to make this additional tuition available to all students in 2023-24, however the support will be prioritised for disadvantaged students and those without GCSE English or Maths at grade 4 or above.


    In order to be able to continue with the additional tuition in place, Morthyng has undertaken the following:

    • Identified eligible learners and recorded them once they are in receipt of the tuition.
    • Recruited and retained additional tutors across our centres to meet the increased demand on our timetables.
    • Increased hours of some existing staff.
    • Increased days of some sub-contractors to be able to deliver increased programmes.
    • Planned additional small group sessions into relevant learner timetables and delivered.


    Morthyng will aim to create additional sessions and allocate around 3-5 students to each session, with a maximum of 5.

    The subject of the sessions may be for any part of their programme and not just limited to Maths and English.

    The sessions will only be delivered by tutors with the relevant subject specialism, skills and experience.

    The sessions will then be planned into the learner’s timetable. The idea being two fold, mainly that it gives the student opportunity to pick up on any disrupted learning from the previous year and also accelerate learning in this year so that disruption would be offset in case of another national lockdown.


    The teaching resource in our centres has been increased. This has enabled us to add additional sessions to relevant learner’s timetables. These sessions will have a maximum of 5 students.

    Additional funding may also be made available to selected sub-contract delivery to be able to deliver the same type of small group sessions to our learners.

    The sessions will be in addition to the normal timetable of learning that a student would normally undertake with Morthyng.


    The additional sessions for the students will be solely for their existing study programme aims with the objective of moving them closer to their progression route more quickly.

    Students that are disadvantaged or have not achieved a GCSE in Maths or English at grade 4 will be prioritised for receipt of this tuition.

    Any funding received from the ESFA will be solely used for this purpose and within the criteria established in the guidance.

    Recording of this activity will take place and be documented on the learner’s record.