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Mission Statement


Morthyng Group Ltd will be a major stakeholder in the delivery of high quality training within South Yorkshire (Yorkshire & Humber Region), the Wirral (North West Region) and Corby (East Midlands Region) that encourages widening participation and promotes equality and diversity in partnership.



Morthyng Group Ltd will undertake the highest quality of vocational and non-vocational training to national standards and encompass this with a caring pastoral environment that will enhance self-esteem, dignity, and equality of choice.



  • Morthyng Group Ltd will offer a learner orientated culture with the learners as the central focus
  • Equality of access to all, ensuring support for those at the most disadvantaged to meet their future potential
  • To actively support the 14-19 agenda to meet the needs of learners and employers
  • All staff, and learners, have commitment to equality & diversity (including safeguarding) which is embedded throughout the organisation
  • Learner satisfaction and a high level of pastoral care
  • Engage with employers to provide a high quality delivery to support sustainable employment goals and promote life-long learning
  • Diverse portfolio of progression routes to support the progression of learners
  • Stringent financial control
  • Effective staff development, promoting continuous professional development
  • Collaborative partnership working supporting our social, learning, and economic agenda
  • Open style of management with effective communication channels