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Information Advice & Guidance

Morthyng’s goal is to provide you with access to impartial Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG).  All IAG is current, up to date, reliable, easy to understand, fit for purpose and addresses the wide range of questions and concerns that might develop when considering engaging in learning and skills.

Morthyng prides itself in ensuring that you are supported even if this means signposting you to a more relevant partner or contact.

Our policy is to ensure IAG covers a range of activities and interventions that will help you to become more self-reliant and better positioned to manage your personal and career development, including training and learning.

We aim to help you understand the range of opportunities available via the provision of clear information in a wide variety of contexts and formats which enables them to make informed and realistic decisions about your current and potential future vocational or personal needs based on accurate, timely information.

We will aim to help you overcome any barriers and challenges to learning, development and progression, encouraging an ethos of lifelong learning and finding effective learning and training solutions for them.

You will be allocated a mentor, it will be their role to ensure that you are supported from the beginning, throughout your time with us and beyond.

Below are just some of the support that Morthyng can offer:-

  •       Getting a bank account;
  •       Obtaining a National Insurance number;
  •       Financial assistance;
  •       Support with travel and forms to get concessionary travel;
  •       Accessing help with drugs, alcohol or any other support needs and issues;
  •       Housing and independent living; 
  •       Budgeting & money management;
  •       Enrichment activities;
  •       Quitting smoking;
  •       Eye tests;
  •       Clothes bank (linked to interviews);
  •       Breakfast Club;
  •       Personal Protective Equipment & resources;
  •       Interview Skills;
  •       Help with interviews;

Any issues related to anything that is concerning you both in and out of training, we will listen and help get you the support needed. If we cannot help, we will signpost you to someone that can.  We want you to feel happy and safe in training and will do everything we can to make the learning experience a positive one.