Work Experience/Placements

Work Experience/Placements

 The rewards and benefits of work experience are tangible to both employers and young people alike.  A work experience based placement, permits the young person the opportunity to build personal confidence and self-esteem.  It further provides the prospect to feel passionate about the specific sector and aids making an informed choice. 


What does it involve?

Before committing to supporting a young person in their learning and career path, you need to consider how much time you and your company can offer.  Morthyng operates programmes that allow flexibility throughout.  A placement can range from as little as half a day, right through to three full working days per week; from a block of 2 weeks to 39 weeks.  Naturally this would be discussed and agreed with you, prior to a young person accessing your opportunity. 


How much does it cost?

Whilst there is a certain cost element of staffing resource, to ensure the young person is supervised and supported whilst on placement, at Morthyng we believe in working in partnership with our employers, therefore we do not make a financial charge.